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information on corn silage

Information on corn silage
The definition of silage:

Silage know that the product resulting from the conservation of forage crops with high moisture content and the brewing under anaerobic conditions to preserve the nutritional value without being subject to corruption, and is done Tziq fermentation sugars to produce acids increase the acidity degree stop and feed factors discourage corruption.

Advantages and rollover silage:

1. Saving green fodder crops in the form of silage to reduce the losses resulting from the dry storage.

2. Silage retains a higher percentage of energy, protein and beta carotene, compared with hay.

3. Can provide silage as animal feed at any time of the year and the lowest cost.

4. The possibility of harvesting crops, which will make parts of silage under any weather conditions can work in the field below.

5. Increase the proportion of grass hay and green fodder give bad, but can be saved in the form of silage well.

6. Silage is characterized by a good flavor and taste unpalatable and accept the animals, increasing livestock production.

7. Eliminate a large proportion of the grass as the grass seeds lose their ability to germinate when its presence in the silage and therefore duplicating the work of silage reduces the spread of weeds in agricultural land.

8. Silage can be compressed in a limited space and therefore needs less space for storage.

9. There is no chance of autoignition or fire, as in the case of hay.

10. Research studies have shown that modern silage is more important in feeding animals milk, especially in the summer when the lack of green fodder.

11. Digestion high factor of nutrients as a result of an act microbes and plant enzymes.

12. It can be used as a substitute part of the clover, which leads to reducing the area cultivated with wheat and alfalfa.

13. Manufacturing silage leads to evacuation of the ground early months can be cultivated tab of corn or any crop green.

Manufacturing silage finds agricultural environment of firewood, which is the source of fires, pests and this in turn works to reduce the pollution of the environment 


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